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    The company's quality policy is: to provide users with high-quality products, service, and strive to advanced, economical, practical and reliable products and quality services to meet the needs of users; After years of construction, Shangyu Best Fan Co., Ltd. has formed a nationwide after-sales service system to address the majority of users to worry about.
    Seller within one hour after receiving the notice the contract goods buyer fault response, maintenance plan and submit the buyer, to complete the repair and commissioning work within 2 hours and allowed to reach the requirements of technical specifications.
    Service commitment:
    1. The company's products of the factory implemented starting from the date of acceptance equipment 18 months, life-long maintenance.
    2. Before Our products shipped undergo a rigorous inspection. If the user finds a problem during operation of the product, raised doubts, please phone to the electric service: 0575-82636003,82605333 or contracted directly with business people.
    3. After the communication service engineers, decide on methods of service. During the warranty period, after communication, if user-serviceable glitches, the cost borne by the seller.
    4. outside the warranty period and the warranty period in case of equipment failure signature, the company guarantee to complete the repair and commissioning work within 2 hours, until the device is working properly, and meet the relevant requirements of the technical specifications, user satisfaction maintenance personnel before leaving the scene.
    5. The service is completed, service personnel in writing to the user correct cause of the malfunction.
    6. The seller warranty period following duties:
    (1) The seller is responsible for guiding the device for the first time buyer in contract maintenance.
    (2) The seller is responsible for the contract goods appear completely free of defects in the warranty period or troubleshooting and repair.
    7. If the contract goods defect or fault occurs in the warranty period, need to be replaced, redesigned, repair or re-commissioning, the seller must be responsible for free replacement, redesign, repair or re-commissioning, the warranty period from the completion date confirmed by both parties began to count onwards.
    8. The guarantee period specified by the purchaser for latent defects warranty provisions after the expiration of 12 months. Potential defects in the warranty period, the seller of goods to deal with due to technology, design and material reasons responsible for latent defects in the warranty period failed to discover and deal with related parts repaired or replaced free of charge.
    9. The work of the warranty period, including all routine inspection, adjustment and lubrication. During the warranty period, the winning bidder during the operation of equipment once every two months, the overall detection system, the system is once per year polyphony, after the warranty period provides a complete log of the tenderer.

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